Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sorry Its been So long!

Hey all!

I'm so very sorry I haven't written lately.  Last week and this week have proven to be very eventful and by the time I finally settle in for the night my focus becomes homework (and lots of!) rather then blogging.  School is super busy right now and once again I have two very big papers due at the end of the week. Hopefully once this week comes to a close, my blood pressure will go back to normal and all i will have left to focus on is FINALS!!!! Gosh I can't believe this school term is almost over!! Next up, a trip to the Okavanga Delta!.  I have plenty of pictures and things I want to share including an international Halloween celebration, a wedding for 2000, a visit to a traditional healer and plenty plenty more!

Unfortunately, I need to get back to homework so for now you'll have to settle with a few pictures of a recent field trip to the Debswana Jwaneng Mine.  Me and the other CIEE girls....and Batsi took a field trip to one of the biggest Diamond mines in Botswana.  Its all above ground so looks a bit similar to a giant gravel pit but trust me the stuff the find there is WAY better then some plain ol' rocks. Debswana is a proud company and has countless security measure to insure that any and all diamonds produce from their mines are strictly  Fair Trade Diamonds (as oppose to Blood/Conflict Diamonds). Jaweng Mine is the richest diamond mine in the world by value and one of two places in the entire world were naturally green diamonds can be found.....also known as "mom, please buy me one" Diamonds.

Well anyways, we suited up in bright colored vests, hard hats, and steel-toed boots and headed for the mines.  See what we saw....

The whole tour crew!

Batsi says the his Dreads are a problem everytime...he was right.

this is the delightful little monster they use to move the rubble...figure this pic gave a bit of perspective