Monday, November 8, 2010

Reality is....

So here's the thing,
I now consider myself a real world traveler and as a real world traveler capable of handling the somewhat uncomfortable living conditions one will often encounter. I have become so accustomed to dealing with such situations that I have actually made a game of it. The game is simply called wins and losses (make sense?). For each circumstance I decide what to consider a loss and what to consider and win. Very subjective I know but either way each is worth 1 point. At the end of the day I count my points and if all goes well then hopefully the "wins" come out on top.  If not then I have two options.  The first, change the situation.  The second change my mind set.  Either way somethings got to change.  Here is the game I played today.

Example: my regular shower routine

It first consists of leaving my room and checking to see if my floor has water.  Now I already know the answer but checking it first has become somewhat of a tradition for one reason or another. water. (Loss +1)

So I go down to the next, no water (usually) (Loss +1)

So I go down to the final ground level...YES! water! (usually though not always) (Win +1 but sometimes not so Loss +1....cancels out 0pts)

Two showers open!! (Win +1)

Large cockroaches on ground level, decide not to shower with them (Loss +1)

Go to the next building over or on the other side of the dorms,
towel shampoo and conditioner in hand (Loss +1)

Open Showers (Win +1)
Water on ground floorr (Win +1)
First shower choice to many bugs (Loss +1)
Second Show choice only two mosquitoes and some ants (Win +1)
Kill mosquitoes!! (Win mosquitoes means two points, +2)
Cold Water (Loss +1)
 But not as FREEZING cold as it used to be!! (Win +1)
Dang! Three bugs, didn't see the cockroach at first (Loss +1)
Tiny Baby cockroach, easily killed (Win +1).
Shampoo and Conditioner equals clean hair (Win +1)
Feeling refreshed after a long day (Win +1)
Heading back to my room to laugh about the crappy shower conditions with my roommate (Win +1)
Wins = 11          Losses = 7
See, Reality is the best situations in life are not going to just fall into our laps so we have to work for them. Reality Is, despite how much we fight and struggle against the wind, it may still blow us over.  In other words, sometimes it doesn't matter how hard we work, sometimes the great situations in life are just not going to come our direction.  Reality is....we make our own situations and we can decide to see them in any light we choose.  I choose to win.

Just for fun...
Traditional Healer in Botswana just leaving his "consultation room" (Batsi took us to pay a visit and to ask and learn all we could.  Very Cool! (WIN +1) haha)


  1. Great post Krisstina,love the game. So excited for you and your mom to be traveling together very soon :)

  2. As I was reading I was thinking the loses out numbered the wins. Well, guess you are right, it is all in your perspective. Fun read but glad it is you and not me!

  3. Krisstina you are something else. You well go a long ways in this old world with your attitude. Love you, Grandpa and Grandma