Friday, November 12, 2010

Last Day of Semester!

I'll keep this one short and brief. 

Last day of Classes, though I didn't have my single morning class today so I guess classes ended for me yesterday.  Anyways last day of classes but I'm still stuck tonight working on to papers that are due next week during finals, a pretty big bummer but I had a great day so I guess I really don't mind giving up my freedom Friday to keep working.

Spent the last few hours working with a local ministry known as The Kings Foundation. They invite local kids from neighborhoods to come out to learn/play sports.  The kids all love! At the end of the sports session everyone sits down to learn some type of biblical message.  Its an amazing program and really is changing kid's lives one game at a time.

Anyways, I was hot and gross after some serious play and all I wanted to do was take a show

20 Second Clip:

I grabbed my gear and headed to the shower just across the hall.  FINALLY, my floor has running water and I couldn't wait to take advantage of it.  As I switched on the water, I stuck my hand out somewhat out of habit to adjust the temperature (something I would do at home but not here) and then I realize.  It hits me like a ton of bricks.  I almost can't control my excitement...

....HOT WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (a stand-up, hot shower, on my dorm floor is something I haven't experienced since the first two weeks or so I came to Botswana)

Ah! I jumped in, a bit afraid it would quickly run out which if never did.  I returned from the shower happy and feeling great and with clean hair. With just enough energy I settled on my bed to continue work on my psychology paper.  with Text books and journal articles spread out in front of me.

I was ready to work.  I was sitting there with a Delicious, sliced, green apple and a half broken spoon to eat peanut butter with straight from the jar. That's when I decide I would put off homework just a moment longer to share my goodnight with all of you.

Okay now I should get back it!


  1. hahaha, love it. So glad you had a great day and night.

  2. good for you for taking a break to share your excitement with us!! So fun to read about things over there :)

  3. Krisstina I love you! By the time we get through reading we feel like we are right there with you. It's hard to believe your time is drawing to a close. I'm sure you are getting excited to meet your mom. You two have a wonderful time. Grandpa and Grandma