Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Since roughly mid October the heat in Botswana has dramatically increased. I would like to say I have become somewhat used to it and indeed I have though I still found it necessary to run out and buy a fan two months into being here. Anyways, High altitudes of cooler temperatures mixing with insanely hot days have made for the perfect storm....Literally!. The last month or so has been filled with fantastic thunder and lightning shows nearly 2 to 4 times a week and better yet PULA!!!! (a.k.a RAIN!!!!)

I'd like to say that this has helped to cool the place down and at some points throughout the day, life does feel a bit cool and it does make for more bearable night but unfortunately it usually just makes everything feel sticky and humid. Oh well, I suppose it’s a small sacrifice in order for God to answer my prayers for rain.

Well with a little hard work and a great camera (thanks mom, and the Stewarts) I got some shots of the amazing lightning. Though I really wish you could hear the thunder that follows. Sometimes it feels so close that it could literally knock you over. Keep in mind I was indoors for most of these photos so they are kind of blurry but I just so happen to love them anyways.

Hope you love them too.


  1. wow. great pictures. But how many words is "pula" used for?

  2. Really great pictures you, Grandpa and Grandma