Friday, June 4, 2010

No Turning Back Now...

So I'm sitting in a not so comfortable chair, hungry, in the middle of the afternoon, eager to get home, while watching the rain pour down in the middle of June. Ugh! Yet, it occurs to me that none of this really matters. Suddenly I don't care that its raining. I don't care that I'm cold and craving a grilled cheese. In fact every other concern just drifts quietly to the back of my mind. Why? Because that not so comfortable chair I keep squirming around in just so happens to be placed at the side of the desk of a lovely woman by the name of Karen. As of today Karen is my official travel agent. To put it is plan words…


I thrilled! I can’t even express in words what it means to finally have my flights secured. Even if the whole program were to suddenly fall apart today (knock on wood!) it wouldn’t matter because I already have those little pieces of paper guaranteeing my seat upon a Boeing 737.

So for all those interested in traveling or just plain curious here is a loose outline my itinerary.

Departing from Portland July 24th
          - Portland to Calgary, Canada
          - Calgary to London, England
          - London to Frankfurt, Germany
          - Frankfurt to Johannesburg, South Africa
          - Johannesburg to Gaborone, Botswana

Departing from Gaborone December 3rd
         - Gaborone to Johannesburg
         - Johannesburg to London (I arrive in London on Dec. 4th and don’t depart until the 10th! That’s right I’m spending a week in London, England before returning home)
         - London to Houston, Texas (but I tried to look for something flying through Minnesota)
         - Houston to Portland (Home at last)

I’ve always said I love flying. I guess by the end of this trip I’ll know just how accurate that is.