Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Know You're An American In Botswana When....

It’s a nice 70 degrees and everyone else is bundle up in heavy jackets, scarves and hats because this year’s winter is just too cold!

You have to buy two or more outlet adapters. One to convert from British to American, or One to convert from Botswana to American, or most likely, two to convert from British to Botswana plus another Botswana to American. Sound complicated? It is.


There are absolutely NO clouds but you still see people carrying umbrellas.

You walk into the room and you’re the only white person, and the only one with blue eyes, and the only one with light hair, but most importantly the only one wearing shorts….awkward.

You find yourself missing hot water


You order beef and get liver.

No one but you shows up to class the first week.

You hold a soda can and notice it is significantly heavier then back in the states.

People ask you if you know Obama (BAHAHAHAHA!)


You can’t find anything but “full- cream” milk and all you want is 1%

People ask you where you’re from…you answer…they look VERY confused…and then you scramble to mention something about New York or California just to make them smile.

The professor is lecturing and then stops to spell some word in Swetsana as he stares at you

And last but not least, When….

You wake up one morning, sun streaming in your window, and realize all night long you had been dreaming of Starbucks.


  1. hahahaha, very fun blog Krisstina. I even had to read it to Ken while he was in the annex today. Have a great week

  2. Loved your blog laugh for the day. You are one special girl to go off like that to a strange country all by your self. Keep up the good job and we are praying for you. Love you, Grandpa and Grandma

  3. Great blog post!! You ARE truly amazing and we are praying for you as well (: