Monday, August 30, 2010

T.I.A and I'm Lovin' it!

This weekend was incredible.  There is no other word that could possibly contain the excitement, the adventure, the randomness, and the awesome God moments that occurred!

So, this weekend myself along with 4 other friends, tossed our things in backpacks, squeezed onto already crowded buses, and headed for the 2nd largest salt pans in the world! And let me tell you, This is one adventure I will never forget.

First off, I apologize now since I will have no pictures that follow this blog.  Something is up with my computer and until I get it sorted out, my Internet use will be limited.  Even now, I'm writing this particular blog while sitting on a computer at a over-priced Internet cafe and only 29 minutes left on my tab. 

Anyways, we started this weekend by lugging our very heavy backpack and bags onto very small combies.  By the time we reached the buses we were already tired, hot, and hungry. But no worries! We're young, we're college students, we're now experienced travelers so we can handle it! 

We left on a Thursday night in hopes that we would get to spend more time at the pans and it was a wonderful decision! The first bus was a 5 hour ride northwest to Francistown.   We were happy, to say the least when it was over.  Also, we were very Fortunate to have a place to stay while in Francsistown.  You see, several of the girls I traveled with this weekend are doing a "home stay" while studying in Botswana.  In other words they elected to live with a local Tswana family instead of on campus. This worked out wonderfully for us since one of the home stay girls just so happened to have an "uncle" around our age who was moving out of his house and gave us the key to crash for a night. That's right!! FREE ACCOMMODATION!

Of course, once we arrived to Francistown we realized the "house" is a very interesting term and often based on personal perception.  My personal perception was seeing a 10 by 8 foot room, a 2 inch mattress on the floor that was shorter then a twin, and a sometimes working toilet next door.  hmm.

Oh yeah! we stayed, and we stayed for free! and Yes, we all squeezed onto that two inch mattress and tried to get whatever amount of sleep we could.  But no worries! We're young, we're college students, we're now experienced travelers so we can handle it!

Sorry all! For now this is all I can say.  I will be sure to be back on tomorrow to continue the story of my weekend adventure.  But for now, the clock is ticking and I'm about to be booted off the Internet.

Hope all is well!


  1. Thanks Krisstina can't wait to hear the "rest of the story" (:

  2. Sounds interesting and so glad it is you and not me. But you are youg, college students and now expierenced travelers so I am sure you can handle it! ha ha. By the leaving me hanging on too many stories. can't wait to hear the completion of so many. some I am sure will have to wait until you get home.

  3. Krisstina thank's! Always enjoy what you write. Think you should be a writer! Sounds like an enteresting trip, but not sure I's like the acomadations to sleep! Love you, Grandpa and Grandma