Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Aubrey

Too the little sister never wanted but am thrilled i got!

First off, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a truly amazing day that is filled with laughter and good friends. Secondly, sorry I couldn’t be there. I really wish I could but I promise to come back with and amazing birthday gift from Africa!

I am thrilled at the person you are becoming and can’t wait to see the work God will continue to do in your life. I know this may sound a bit big-sister-ish, but I can’t believe you are seventeen!! You make me feel so very old. Plus, like it or not you will always be twelve in my head.

I feel so very blessed to have a sister, a friend, an encourager like you. I know you will always welcome be with open arms and please know I too will never turn my back on you.

Now, to finish off my birthday wishes with some cliché, but valid advice.

Take care of yourself. If you always neglect yourself to reach out to others then, then everyone loses.

Never stop dreaming, and never stop making those dreams a reality

Go big….go far….but call home.

No riding in Cars with strange boys….don’t take candy from Strangers….look both ways before crossing the street.

Should you ever get into a situation you don’t know how to handle, talk to God first, yourself second, and then friends and family


Live life to the fullest, and learn from your experiences.

Okay love, I am officially out of cliché advice for now, but no worries I’m sure by the time I will return home I will have plenty more.

Can’t wait to sit over a plate of Sushi with you and tell you all about my African adventures. Love you and miss. Have a good birthday smalls.

Love, Sis

Baby Aubrey, and nearly baby Krisstina.
Not sure how we grew up so fast but at least we group up together.  Thank you for always being there.


  1. Very sweet post Krisstina!! We were so happy to finally meet Aubrey this year.

  2. Krisstina what a great big sister you are. May the Lord Bless you! We love you. Grandpa and Grandma

  3. thanks sis this made me so happy dad and i both teared up i love and miss you can't wait to see you and the world you bring home in your pocket. :)