Saturday, October 2, 2010

20 Second Clip: Short Vac!

While taking my short vacation with my friend Meghan to South Africa, we came up with a kind of a game.  Its simply called "20 second clip".  Okay here is how it works.  Everyday, at the end of day, you pick one moment.  Just one 20 second clip (though it might actually be a bit longer but you get the idea).  This clip should be something the really dominates the entire day.  Something you wish to keep locked in your memories forever and the special moments you really want to share with your friends and family back home. Its a game I have already come to love and something I recommend for everyone throughout their daily lives.  Try it Out!

Here's mine.


So Meghan and I decided to head to South Africa for our short vacation. We had only a week but wanted to pack as much adventure in as humanly possible.  He decided we would head south the the Drakensburg Mountains.  Meghan and I booked two beds at what seemed to be this great backpackers hostel and had heard about a hiking trip up the world's second largest waterfalls in the world.  In other words, it sounded perfect! So with bus tickets to Johannesburg, South Africa; we left bright and early on Saturday September 25th. 

May the Journey begin.

Meghan and I had finally made it to South Africa after a long but fun 5 hour bus ride and an hour long line through immigration. Though time seemed minor to the overwhelming excitement of having a new stamp in my passport.
We were now safely guided to the "minibus taxi" rank to find the fastest and closest taxi to Amphitheater Backpackers. We had already booked lodging there but now as the hours passed we grew more and more concerned at actually reaching out destination.

Day 1, 20 Second clip:

As we sat in what we believed was the appropriate taxi, we began to doubt our informant. After a quick call on a borrowed cell phone and concluding and very friendly stranger, we decided there must be better option. 

With that I scrambled out of the taxi leaving Meghan behind to keep careful watch over out bags.  Se we had been warned several times about the risk Johannesburg could be for noticeable travelers like ourselves.  Two young, white, girls with very large backpacks was an easy target.

Around this hour the rank was extra busy and extremely hot.  As the sun beat down I moved from driver to drive.  Asking the same question.  I spoke slow, but with urgency.  "Where are you traveling to?" "How close is that to Drakensberg?"  "I'm trying to reach Bergville" "Do you have room for two more?".

The words were always the same, only the faces answering changed.  I must have spoken to six men in the course of two minutes, but all extended their long arms and pointed me to a new taxi. As I dashed from taxi to taxi the voices, colors, and faces blurred.  It all suddenly seemed like an odd jumble of luggage and screaming vendors with countless bottles of water, snacks and watches filling their arms. Perhaps this is exactly why I adore this moment.  It seemed like everything was on the line.  My body was alert and ready for anything and this  is completely different that anything I had ever experienced before.

"Welcome to South Africa!"

 Finally, I found a man with some answers and after quickly fetching Meghan, we climbed into two tight seats and squashed out bags directly in front of us.  We settled in and prepared ourselves for a very tiring three out journey. We weren't quite sure what was waiting for us on the other end, but we didn't really care.  We were living in the moment and loved it!


Okay so the 20 second clip was a bit more like 3 minute clip, but close enough.  Needless to say, we eventually made it to out backpackers place, which we both loved instantly!

Day one, well lets just say, the perfect start to an incredible week.

So, What's your 20 second clip?


Vendors at the Minibus Taxi Rank

Tight squeeze anyone?


  1. Krisstina you are one amazing girl! How did you ever get to be such a daring girl. I wouldn't do what you did for all the money in the world. You be very careful Krisstina but glad you are getting to do and see so much. Love you, Grandpa and Grandma

  2. Krisstina, so fun to read. I love all the blogs, you write so well.

  3. Great post. Love the 20 second game, great idea. So fun to "be" on this journey with you,love the pics too!!!