Monday, September 20, 2010

Spoke too Soon...

Yet another Monday has come and is already beginning to slowly fade....and so the strike continues.

I really have no new information. Just that management did begin to negotiate and  I suspect put out a counter offer last night.  I guess the staff and professor's union were not satisfied.

Today students pulled themselves from their beds, shook off the last of their impromptu vacation and headed for classes.  As minutes ticked by, and doors were unlocked, students were left to stare at vacant classrooms and empty blackboards. 

Instead music could be heard from the center of campus.  So, as I followed the music I discovered the source was booming with life.  The teachers lounge was restless, and lively with debate and unsettled faces. I couldn't be sure what was happening beyond it's seclusive doors, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt, today the strike was going strong. 

I guess its good that I consider life experience to be a better teacher then the classroom will ever be.


  1. Sorry Krisstina, we pray it ends very,very soon!!

  2. So sorry to hear it has not ended. We well continue to pray it well end soon. Love you,Grandpa and Grandma